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Who Says Accent Chairs Have to be Uncomfortable?

Sure, you could spend your time in an awkward, uncomfortable living room chair, but why? The days of rigid, decorative accent chairs are over! My Bob’s chairs won’t make you sacrifice comfort for design. Complete the look of your favorite room with a comfy and stylish accent chair that everyone will want to sit in!

Chairs FAQs

Don’t force your guests to sit on the floor! If you need extra living room seating, adding a sitting chair is a simple and space-saving solution.

So what type of chair should you purchase? I get it, the options are sometimes overwhelming with so many prices, styles and comfort levels to choose from. Let’s simplify this!

Some of the most popular styles of living room chairs include:

• Arm chair

• Accent chair

• Chaise lounge

• Barrel chair

• Club chair

• Parsons chair

• Rocking chair

• Slipper chair

Pro Tip: You’ll want to do your research before buying. For example, if you’re looking for a new reading chair, save your upper-body strength and get an accent chair with arms. Or if you have a little more room and prefer to stretch out, a chaise lounge may be a great fit!




The name says it all – accent chairs are designed to accentuate the decor of a room.

Accent chairs, which are also called side chairs, have a single seat and provide a nice contrast to the colors, fabrics and patterns of a room’s other pieces of furniture.

The secondary purpose of an accent chair is to add seating to a living room, dining room or bedroom. Not all of them have armrests, though many often do!




Accent chairs tend to have the reputation of being purely decorative. Remember the floral-patterned, wing-backed chairs in the corner of your grandmother’s living room that nobody used? Fortunately, modern accent chairs are equal parts chic and cozy – and you most definitely are allowed to sit on them! In fact, I encourage it!

Still, the purpose of the chair should determine its level of comfortability. If its primary purpose is for sitting, such as an accent chair for a living room that will get a lot of use, then comfort is a priority.

If comfort is your biggest concern, look for chairs that have a more natural shape and avoid chairs that have metal backs and smaller seat cushions.

However, if the chair’s sole purpose is to be a focal point or to provide a contrast of color, then things like style, fabric and pattern would certainly come before comfort!




The great thing is that chairs typically take up less space than other furniture - such as sofas and loveseats - but keep in mind that even small living room chairs can intrude on a room due to their depth!

I’d suggest being aware of size, meaning both how small or large your space is as well as how big you'd like the chair to be. For example, an oversized accent chair can draw negative attention to a space if placed in a smaller room.

With that said, accent chairs are highly versatile. Create a reading nook in a living room or bedroom. Pair an accent chair with an ottoman for more comfort and a stylish look. Create additional seating in a dining area or home office. Multiple accent chairs can also replace the seating provided by a loveseat or even a sofa. The possibilities are endless!