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Spruce Up Your Space with Side Tables

Add balance and style to your living room with end tables that combine form and function. Go for the timeless look of matching end tables, or you can mix and match, too! Whether you want an end table with drawers to keep items out of sight, or a statement-making side table to display décor while adding a design element to the room, I’ve got just the piece for you.

End Tables FAQs

There are no real rules for choosing living room end tables, but there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

First, you should decide where your end table will go and take measurements to determine what will fit in your chosen space.

Second, think about whether you need a bit of extra storage or not.

An end table with storage can help corral clutter and keep it out of sight. However, many statement pieces are more design-forward accent tables that skip drawers for style. Take stock of your space and decide which option is right for you!

Third, you’ll want to determine how many end tables you’ll need. Perhaps you just want some sofa end tables, or maybe you’re looking for a chairside table—or both!

Finally, choosing a finish, color or style that will complement your existing furniture may help you narrow down the options. You can go for a pop of color or keep it neutral! Select from materials like classic wood, sleek metal and glass.

Take these suggestions into consideration while you’re shopping, and remember that choosing end tables is a chance to personalize your space while making it more functional!




The height of your end table will depend on its placement next to your existing furniture. Since end tables are often placed adjacent to a couch or chair, the height should be level with your seating or an inch or two lower.

If the end table is taller than the sofa or recliner, you run into the possibility of bumping into it. You also don’t want the side table to be so low that you have to reach far to grab items.

However, if you're selecting a side table to serve more of a decorative purpose — say, on its own in a corner or along the wall — height doesn't matter! Just go with whatever you like.




Nope! Whether your end tables match or not is completely up to you. Many people opt for matching end tables because they like a symmetrical appearance. However, going with side tables that do not match allows you to be a bit more creative—or maybe just get both of the options you couldn’t decide between! As long as the accent tables you select coordinate with the rest of your room, have fun and pick what speaks to you.




The number of end tables you get will depend on the amount of space you have and your personal preference.

While having two end tables - one on either side of a sofa - is very common, it’s by no means a rule. Depending on the placement of your furniture and what other pieces you already have, one end table could be perfectly fine.

If you have a coffee table that provides a convenient surface for items you want to keep handy, there’s no need to go table crazy with too many side tables!

If you like the look of end tables on each side of a sofa, perhaps to provide a surface for lamps, then go with that! You might also want more than two end tables if you have an accent chair that could benefit from a chairside table.