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Sit or Sleep? Do Both Comfortably on a Sleeper Sofa

A quality sleeper sofa should be as comfortable as a standard sofa and as cozy as a bed. Those are some high bars to clear! Fortunately, modern pull-out sofas are built with comfort and convenience in mind. My sleeper sofas are easy to convert, come in several shapes and sizes, and feature mattresses with my famous Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam. One sleep and you’ll be second-guessing your need for a guest bedroom!

Sleeper Sofa FAQs

A sleeper sofa may be difficult to spot in the wild. It looks like a traditional sofa. It feels like a traditional sofa. But it’s anything but traditional!

A sleeper sofa converts easily into a bed by folding out a frame and mattress from beneath the seat cushions. It comes in handy when the in-laws visit or when your kids have a sleepover.

My sleeper sofa mattresses come in full and queen sizes. You can also upgrade in size to a sectional sleeper if you require more seating.

Sleeper sofas come in the same colors and materials as standard sofas. So if you love napping on your leather sofa, then you may catch the best Z's of your life on a leather sleeper sofa!




Most sleeper sofas come with a mattress that folds under the seat cushions. While some sleeper sofa mattresses are thinner than standard mattresses, they can be just as comfortable. Gone are the restless nights on an old, creaky pull-out couch with a metal bar that juts out into your back. While my sleeper sofas with memory foam mattresses keep you snuggly, my cooling mattresses keep you cool while you sleep!




A sofa bed folds out flat and doesn’t include a traditional mattress. Much like a futon, a sofa bed’s cushion also serves as the couch cushion, so it can be expected to lose a certain level of support over time as it gets constant use during the day and night.

With a sleeper sofa, the mattress and bed frame fold out from inside the sofa. A sleeper sofa’s mattress will almost always be more comfortable than a sofa bed’s cushion.

Sofa beds are typically smaller than sleeper sofas, and they may only sleep one person comfortably. Sofa beds are still space savers and can be a convenient solution for a small apartment or a loft!

My sleeper sofas come in traditional bed sizes like full and queen, so you won’t have to buy any specially-sized bed sheets. Sleeper sofas also look exactly like a standard sofa, so it will be as comfortable to sit on as the sofas you already have in your home.




Whether you need a lot of support or prefer to sink into your mattress, it’s easier than ever to find a sleeper sofa that fits your personal sleeping style. With so many options to choose from, you no longer have to compromise on mattress firmness or material. Shop for a pull-out sofa the same way you would shop for a mattress or guest bed. Comfort should always be a priority!

Also, keep mattress size in mind. If you need a sleeper for two people, you may want to upgrade to a queen sleeper sofa.

Like standard mattresses, there are multiple ways to enhance your comfort level. Try using a mattress topper for an additional layer and make sure you are using pillows that match your mattress comfort level - and the sleep style of those who will use it most!